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Get Faster, more complete pain relief:
Three powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatories.
Two of the most potent analgesics you can find without a prescription.
A patented delivery system that quickly, efficiently transports the key ingredients to the affected area.

For Faster, more complete pain relief use MiraFlex daily. Be proactive and apply directly to the affected area in the morning or before a workout and again in the evening or after a workout. The anti-inflammatories in our cream help muscles and joints warm up and help them cool down.
MiraFlex is formulated to not only relieve pain but to deliver a host of naturally occurring compounds known to treat inflammation and reduce pain with the most powerful pain relievers allowed by the FDC. In addition, the delivery system is able to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin to reach and soothe the affected area. The proprietary formula provides instant relief and feels like a miracle providing better flexibility.

MiraFlex is proven to treat inflammation and pain equally and is #1 doctor-approved and supported by the Scoliosis Foundation and Gary Deutchman, DC, BCAO

Pain Relievers - Anti-inflammatories: Natural Blend
• Willow Bark Extract
• Emu oil
• Paraben-free
Active ingredients:
• Methyl Salicylate
• Menthol



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