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  • Cheese

Emre Natural Foods creates a Cyprus style grilling cheese, known as Hellim. This Cyprus Style Grilling Cheese is a semi-hard, white, with a distinctive layered textures, similar to mozzarella and has a salty flavor. Compare with Halloumi cheese. The key ingredient is either sheep, goat or cow’s milk or mixture of these milks. It is stored in its natural juice with salt-water and can be kept up to a year if frozen below 0oF and defrosted to 39oF. The cheese is often used in cooking and can be grilled or fired until becoming a crispy brown without melting due to its higher than normal melting point.
This cheese makes an excellent for frying or grilling and serving with vegetables or as an ingredient in salads. The Cyprus-Style grilling cheese can be consumed fresh in salad or sandwich, or grated over pasta as a stuffing in ravioli and pastries or as a side to chilled wedges of ripe watermelon, melons making this an excellent appetizer especially during summer time.

This cheese can be sliced about 3/8 inch thick and can be grilled on a stove grill, barbecued or fried with a spoonful of oil, flipping the slices once until the outside turns into a crusty golden brown color. Served hot on pita bread with a slice of tomato. Can be prepared as a toasted sandwich with fried or grilled cheese and slices of tomato and cucumber.

The Cyprus style grilling cheese may have its origins in the Medieval Byzantine period (AD 395 – 1191), subsequently gaining popularity throughout the Middle East region and eastern Mediterranean. In older times, this grilling cheese was stored in brine water and was an essential part of the people’s diet, especially so in the absence of refrigeration.

Our product is stored in brine water for 24 hours which further enhances the smoky taste.