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Steven Walston


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These ain’t yo’ grandma’s cinnamon rolls! Big Buns is the next step in the evolution of the cinnamon roll. For too long the world has been stuck eating cinnamon rolls and pretending that they are actually good. Lets face it, most cinnamon rolls are too dense, not sweet enough, dry, and can only be choked down with gallons of frosting to hide the disappointment of what could be so good. Big Buns is the cure to all of your cinnamon roll woes! We call them “Buns” because these are different than anything you have ever tried before. They are buttery, flaky, moist, and good at any temperature. And why should we stop at cinnamon when there are so many more flavors to explore? Once you’ve had our Big Buns, you’ll never go back to a boring ol’ cinnamon roll ever again. So order a dozen today and discover what your tastebuds are screaming for!



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