Become a Made in Oklahoma Member

Membership criteria

  • Any person or company who is manufacturing or processing an agricultural or food product in the state of Oklahoma may submit an application to be a member of the Made in Oklahoma program.
  • Applicants agree to allow visits by ODAFF to production and/or processing facilities to view records in order to verify compliance with guidelines established by the ODAFF.
  • Application must be made on forms provided by ODAFF or online at
  • Applicants must provide a description of products. When applicable, three (3) labels and samples of the product in a finished package shall be provided. All applicants must provide a copy of appropriate licenses by appropriate state or federal agency when applicable.
  • To be listed as an organic producer, you must have a certified organic product (and must provide documentation).

Please fill in all the fields applicable to you. For your convenience, we also have the form in PDF format to download, fill out and mail in.

Online Membership Application

The contact information given will be listed on the Made in Oklahoma website.

Type of Business:
Number of Employees:
What type of shows interest you?

In an effort to better facilitate sales for your business, please list all Oklahoma retail outlets, gift shops, boutiques, etc. that carry your product(s) and the city they are located.

Do you process your own product in your own facility?

Do you use a co-packer?

If using a co-packer, please give name and location of co-packer:

If applicable, are you licensed with the Oklahoma State Department of Health?

If yes, please list your OSBH License/Establishment Number:


Baked Goods

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Farm/Ranch Supplies

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General Grocery

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Pet Food & Treats

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member guidelines

Made In Oklahoma Logo Usage Requirements

  • Product shall be manufactured and/or processed in OKLAHOMA.
  • Facilities shall meet all State and Federal regulations where applicable. Products shall meet or exceed USDA and/or State of Oklahoma standards where applicable.
  • The Made in Oklahoma logo shall only be used in association with approved agricultural products manufacture within the state or whose major ingredients were grown and/or processed in Oklahoma.
  • The use of the Made in Oklahoma logo is royalty free, but is personal only to the applicant. The logo shall not be reassigned to another party. The Made in Oklahoma statutory logo (Title 2, § 5-10) is regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry (ODAFF).
  • Permission to use the Made in Oklahoma logo may be granted or denied at any time by the ODAFF’s Market Development Services Division.
  • ODAFF is no way liable for, nor does the Department guarantee products using this logo.

Registered Retailers

Any business that promotes and sells products from Made in Oklahoma program members may qualify as a registered retailer. This would include grocery stores, restaurants, specialty and other retail stores Registered retailers may use promotional materials available to Made in Oklahoma companies, including the logo, as well as receive invitations to special events and notification of upcoming promotions. To be included in the program, retailers must carry 4 or more registered Made in Oklahoma companies' products (may include your own). Retailers must also use signage, shelf-talkers or a special section to indicate Made in Oklahoma products.


Any person or company who shall violate any provisions herein, give false information in the application to package products under the Made in Oklahoma logo, or use any container bearing the Made in Oklahoma logo for packaging products which are not grown or processed in Oklahoma, shall be subject to a suspension of his/her authority to use the Made in Oklahoma logo and will forfeit membership within the Made in Oklahoma program.

I have completed the application and read the membership criteria and guidelines for logo use. I agree to follow the guidelines when using the “Made in Oklahoma” logo, and I certify that the above information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.